Sanda Zagolin’s world in small bites/part 1

I travel because I cannot stand still, I want to know, discover and go where nobody else does. Photography is my travel partner. Together we travel many miles and meet many people: I like to discover their stories by looking them in the eyes, following them in their everyday activities and tapping into their emotions to make them become a part of mine.

That child looked at me

I took this picture in in Australia, on the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin. These are islands that up until a short time ago were difficult to get to and were barely known. I got there by boat, together with other travelers, to visit an island that hosts an artisan textile workshop.

When I got off the boat I found myself in an unknown world, interesting and full of never seen before faces: each more stunning than the next. That aboriginal child looked at me, I followed him and I took this shot. And was immediately reprimanded by the guide, who pointed out a police car that was close by.

We risk getting locked up, both you and me. You are not allowed to photograph here“, he told me. I was able to steal another photograph, which I treasure greatly.

Keep still as you are, I’ll go get the camera

I took this picture in Melbourne, in Mary’s house, the lady that hosted me for a month and a half in this beautiful city. It was a great sunny say and Mary, who loves reading very much (she reads everything: novels, magazines, cookbooks…), was outside in the garden flipping through pages. I though of fixing her something to eat: when I went outside I found her like this!

I was able to tell her: “Don’t move“. And here is the pic.

And this is my mother: she traveled through five continents in black and white

Here we find Mary again: she really is one of the most incredible women I have ever met. She is 88 years old in this picture and she is inviting me to look at some pictures of her mother.

Thinking I am about to see some classic old photos with women in pose, I instead find that Mary is showing me pictures that her mother, a century earlier, had taken in five continents.
The apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

Ending the day on reindeerback

Tsetsecarow is the name of a beautiful young girl that lives in Mongolia, in the Siberian taiga, here you see her riding a reindeer. I took this photo at sunset, when she was taking her reindeer back after a day out in the pasture. I lived with this little nomad girl and her family for three days in Mongolia.

Thanks to them I enjoyed the beauty of time that moves ever so slowly and had a taste of how it brings you to enjoy the beauty of nature’s colors.