We reveal the daily life and activity of those who design, produce and innovate Italian excellences.

Everything we touch, wear and taste every day has a story. Every single product is the result of dreams, choices, commitment, and work but also of the emotions and attitudes of those who, working for satisfaction and learning from their defeats, keep a business alive.

Italy is visited each year by 60 million people that find a passion for our Country in the excellence of our products and artifacts and in our fascinating “art of living“.

The Digital Storytelling service of Storie di chi offers a presentation package to companies and businesses related to the Made in Italy. This package, following the style of the online magazine storiedichi.com, aims at discovering and presenting the success of the specific products through the story of those who make them.

The solutions we offer include:

Docuweb / Short documentary

Shot by the filmmaker Naù Germoglio, the documentary develops the idea of Silvia Zanardi, journalist. In line with the style of the docuweb presented in the magazine, the video finds a narrator in the voice of the entrepreneur or of one of his employees. The main theme can refer to the story of the company or of one of its products, highlighting the values that tie the company to its traditions and environment.



50 photos by a professional photographer in and of the environment that the company manufactures its products in. The photographer follows the filmmaker and journalist during the video-making, taking pictures of the backstage and concentrating on the main characters of the docuweb. Upon request, the photographer can include, in the service, portraits of the entrepreneur or specific images of the production process.



Both in paper and digital form (e-book), the photo-book integrates the photo-shoot pictures with a short presentation of the company’s story, as told by its entrepreneur. The photo-book becomes then written proof of the most important steps in the life of the company, representing a great wealth of knowledge for both clients and new entrepreneurial generations.

The presentation package that we offer our clients isn’t just a useful source for company marketing but also an intimate capital of values and culture for the entrepreneur himself, his family  and for a public that is curious to see beyond the facade and simple appeal of a product.

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